ANRI - a passion for details

Famous artists and modellers from around the world have created unique designs that the skilled workers at ANRI transform into beautifully detailed wood carver figures.

Each figure passes through 16 different stages of carving and painting and four quality control areas before receiving the ANRI seal.
The seal is ANRI’s certificate of guarantee of wood carving at the highest level.

ANRI’s exclusive collections are collected by connoisseurs all over the world.

ANRI - timeless jewellery crafted from wood and providing pleasure through the generations.


ANRI Nativity

Juan Ferràndiz Nativity

Original Bachlechner

Original Florentiner

Original Prof. Karl Kuolt

Original W.Bacher

Prof. Karl Kuolt


Sarah Kay

The "Ferràndiz" Collectibles

Ulrich Bernardi